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Carmille Lim

Director of Operations

Brief info

Carmille joined us after serving as the vice president and managing director at the Pacific Council on International Policy in L.A., where she was all about boosting public diplomacy and getting folks involved in global affairs. She's no stranger to leading the charge in the world of social impact, as she is passionate about helping others with leadership skills, civic duty, and economic growth—especially women and Asian Americans. She's got a master's in public policy from the University of Michigan.

As a first-gen Southeast Asian American, Carmille's got a special place in her heart for everything SEADC stands for. She's a world traveler at heart—having lived in Japan, Hawaii, Washington, and California—but feels most at home anywhere along the Pacific coast.

When she's not making waves at work, Carmille's likely out kayaking, horseback riding, or striking a yoga pose. And did we mention she's been a ballet dancer for over 25 years?