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Dr. Arthur S. Sun, Ph.D, LLM

Mental Health Specialist

Brief info

At SEADC, Dr. Sun gets to blend his Cambodian American roots with serious brainpower. With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an LLM in IP Laws, he's one of our go-to psychological associates, a mental health specialist, and our clinical service manager. But he hasn't stopped there. Dr. Sun's been on the frontlines fighting for racial equity and making sure everyone in the community gets the support they deserve. He's all about making sure everyone in America—no matter if they're Asian American, Black, Latino, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, or from any community that's been left out—gets a fair chance. That's why Dr. Sun is so committed to making sure everyone in the Southeast Asian community has every opportunity to succeed and thrive. He's convinced that fixing these unfair gaps is the key to boosting economic growth and health for all the underrepresented folks out there.

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